Sunday, March 8, 2015 is Live!

So here it is! After a bit of contemplation, my official .com is Live! Here you will be able view a catalog of my work since mid 2010!

What else is new. Silver and Gold! I'm currently developing a production line that is aesthetically pleasing, marketable, and most importantly carry visual qualities of who i am as a developing maker. Calling it the "Nebula Series" and see my web site for more details.

22 Karat Gold, Sterling Silver, Die Formed Copper, Stainless Steel

Friday, December 5, 2014

2014 Review

With in the last year, I have visited dozens of places, met hundreds of people, indulged in delicious food and drink (gluttonous at times), had a few great times here an there, and as someone said to me just earlier, “my goodness what a tough life, but some ones got to do it”! But all of this set aside, what has been the best part of this year? Easy… The friends that I have made and the good times that we have shared… Some were brief, others were extensive, a few were eccentric/strange, one even develop into that little thing called love for a moment… I know, that’s some authentic cheese but there’s no simpler way of saying it and I just had to say it you see. There have been a few challenges but some how we find the way out and keep on moving. As a community we feed each other, support one another, and even a little rivalry does hurt every once in a while. We need one another and together we can accomplish the greatest of things. Time is fleeting and my head is spinning due to the speed at which this year has gone by! Waste not the time we have and stand up and reach out. Go out of the norm and think out side that box. And most importantly, work as a team, cannot emphasize this enough. Yeah, it’s scary, it’s tough, but together anything is possible. All right enough lecture but I have to admit, dam what a great year it has been and it’s not quite over just yet! 

21 Cities, 12,345 mile driven, 2,643 miles by seagoing vessel, 14,175 miles by plane, 623 miles by train, 240 miles on foot in Europe, 43 museums, more galleries than I can remember, 4 national exhibitions, 1 international exhibition, 9 applications received 5 accepted 4, and coffee pretty much has replaced my red blood cells.



Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bench Time at Last!

It has been productive time at the bench and now at last I can move forward on a series that have been stirring for some time now!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

From the South to the North

This has been a summer that will be one for the records as my adventures have taken me places and placed me in situations that I never imagined. It has been a time of eye opening experiences, new revelations as to who I am as a maker, an artist, and simply as a person. Challenging at times along with a bit of uncertainty, but now looking back at the past 3 months have been stellar. I have never felt more fulfilled and more certain than ever that I am on "The Right Path"! All it took was simply taking a chance and following my gut. The best part of all of this though has been the new friends that I made and the support from those who are close. My draw for community is what fuels my energy as a maker of objects and forming connections. With out those connections, I would not feel the same for my work. It would feel hollow to me and would lack meaning. So I shall continue on ward and upward! Stay tuned for an update on my Residency at Touchstone Center for Crafts.

Pocosin Arts Family Fun Day!
Pocosin Arts Summer Art Camp - Off to the Races!


Enameling decal sample with SNAKE
Michael Dale Bernard - Powder Coating Genius

Coffee is never in Short Supply!

Powder coating and stone setting!
Arrowmont 2014 Summer Studio Assistant A TEAM
A visit to Penland to see my Professor from Undergrad. Matriarch Jo Stealey

SO Many Miles!
Golden Prototypes in the making
A sunset on Deer Isle
Touch Stone Residency Crew!